Definitions for "Change advisory board"
An authoritative and representative group of people who are responsible for assessing, from both a business and a technical viewpoint, all high impact Requests for Change (RFCs). They advise Change Management on the priorities of RFCs and propose allocations of resources to implement those Changes. The Change Advisory Board (CAB) will be made up of Customer, User and IT representatives and may also include, depending upon the nature of the Changes being considered, 3rd party and other administrative business representatives. The CAB is chaired by the Change Manager.
The group of people who can give expert advice to Change Management on the implementation of changes. This Board is likely to be made up of representatives from all areas within IT and representatives from business units.
Decisions to create or change Products should be made by a Change Advisory Board (CAB). All viewpoints should be represented on the CAB, especially those of the Buyer and the End User. The CAB should endeavor to reach decisions by consensus, with reference to written criteria, although the final decision will rest with one member, normally the Chairman. The decisions of the CAB should be logged. For a large Project or Service, more than one level of CAB may be needed, with major impact problems being passed upwards from CAB's managing parts of the development to a higher level CAB.