Definitions for "Engineering change order"
A formal document that has been signed off by the affected departments and authorizes product definition changes to a drawing, bill of material or routing. It often ties to system planning, scheduling and cost functions by specifying an effectivity date for the items included.
The second step in the procedure to change specifications. CableLabs posts ECOs to Web site EC table and ECO page (with indication of ECO Comment Deadline). CableLabs issues ECO announcement to an Announcement mail list and working group mail lists (with indication of ECO Comment Deadline). DOCSIS, CableHome, OpenCable and PacketCable all utilize a similar process.
(n) A document that begins the process for making changes in a design. Normally, the ECO will be documented in an engineering change note (ECN). A copy of the engineering drawing is attached to the order, with sketches and a written description of the change. A reference number is given to the change order so that it can be traced within the organization.