Definitions for "Trent"
a river in central England that flows generally notheastward to join with the Ouse River and form the Humber
a river in England that flows northeast to the Atlantic Ocean. The Trent is north of the Thames.
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Trent is the retail arm of the Tata group. Started in 1998, Trent operates Westside, India's largest and fastest growing chain of retail stores. The fore-sight of the Tata group, which invested in retail is paying high dividends as retail is one of the booming sectors in India.
Trent is a system designed to handle being a modular authentication server system for a wide variety of resource-managers, so that the manager can worry about resources, and not authentication.
a designer and manufacturer of electrically heated equipment for diverse industrial and com More
Trent can stand for any word, phrase, or meaning in response to any question. example:Q; "Why would you do that?" A;"Trent" Q;"Who was that" A;"Trent" Q;"What's up?" A;"Trent" also can be used like "that's so Trent" or "shut the Trent up" or "Trent you!" or "Trent off" Trent can literally mean anything just apply it to any situation and it will work just have faith in the trentness