Definitions for "XIV"
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the cardinal number that is the sum of thirteen and one
being one more than thirteen
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A slant of sun on dull brown walls, A forgotten sky of bashful blue. Toward God a mighty hymn, A song of collisions and cries, Rumbling wheels, hoof-beats, bells, Welcomes, farewells, love-calls, final moans, Voices of joy, idiocy, warning, despair, The unknown appeals of brutes, The chanting of flowers, The screams of cut trees, The senseless babble of hens and wise men -- A cluttered incoherency that says at the stars: "O God, save us!"
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Elvidio V. Diniz and Hugh Masters, “Porous Pavement Phase 1—Design and Operational Criteria,” (20 April 2004).
BUG Gallery A collection of images from within the monthly meetings and the various SIG's.
The United States and Canada: Copartners in Defense 364 Rapprochement 365 The Ogdensburg Meeting and Its Result 370 The Functioning of the Permanent Joint Board on Defense 373 Basic Problems of Responsibility and Command 377 The Pre-Pearl Harbor Pattern of Joint Defense 383
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Metalogue: It's Not Here (MCB) 145
Prepositions exist not in the tongue I speak And I assure it sounds nothing like Greek My capital city be called Dane Town So riddle me this -- where might I be found
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CONTROLLING TROOPS AND MATE´RIEL 269 The General Staff and the Army Service Forces 270 Logistics Inside the General Staff 274 The Issue of Staff Authority 275 The Issue of Staff Organization in OPD 278 Logistics and Troop Movements (October 1943-September 1945) 284
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The Axis Reaction and the French Decision 253 Axis Efforts To Gain French Cooperation 254 Axis Military Planning 260 Clark-Darlan Negotiations 262 The North African Agreement 269 French West Africa Cooperates 271 French Organization for Military Cooperation 272 PART FOUR The End of Operation T ORCH
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The ASF and the WPB: The Control of Raw Materials 201 Revision of the Priorities System 203 Allocating Raw Materials 207
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The Climax 258
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Canon in double counterpoint at the Tenth
Safeguarding the principles of religious freedom and freedom of expression, the State shall ensure that its social media shall respect the feelings of Catholics and shall establish the corresponding agreements concerning these matters with the Spanish Episcopal Conference.
Social Services 81
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The Tide of Battle
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Nonstandard, Free, and Many-Valued Logics
Pennsylvania Sales Tax is payable by buyers liable to such tax.
Structure and Economics of the Major Sweetener-Producing Industry
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Proof-reading Marks
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Design Judging
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Deposit Types (Mineral Deposit Profiles)