Definitions for "Utilization"
Use of services and supplies. Utilization is commonly examined in terms of patterns or rates of use of a single service or type of service such as hospital care, physician visits, prescription drugs. Measurement of utilization of all medical services in combination is usually done in terms of dollar expenditures. Use is expressed in rates per unit of population at risk for a given period such as the number of admissions to the hospital per 1,000 persons over age 65 per year, or the number of visits to a physician per person per year for an annual physical. See also UR, UM.
The patterns of use of a service or type of service within a specified time. Utilization usually is expressed in rate per unit of population-at-risk for a given period (e.g., the number of hospital admissions per year per 1,000 persons enrolled in an HMO).
The extent to which a group uses specific services in a specified period of time.
Engineering term for measurement of actual work performed versus reasonable expectancy.
Most exact, real-time measurement of actual IT resource interaction by the end user. It answers questions such as: how often, at what time, in which department, by whom, how long, etc. This is critical to ensuring the absolute accuracy of the data and optimizing your business decision.
The ratio of actual throughput to the maximum attainable throughput. For example, a 10baseT network link has a signaling rate of 10,000,000 bits per second, or 1,250,000 bytes per second. If a data transfer across this link occurs at 800,000 bytes per second, the utilization is 64%. When more than one stream of data is crossing a network (as is usually the case), utilization is measured by adding up the actual throughput of each session, and comparing it to the theoretical maximum. See also efficiency.
the level of forage and browse use on a site. For herbaceous species, it is measured as a percentage of the current year's growth removed; for browse species, it is measured as a percentage of stem ends removed.
(n.) percentage of time a processor spends executing useful tasks during execution of a program.
The percentage of total assets being used at a given moment to transport cargo, earning revenue. IAS services help carriers increase container utilization by allowing them to more closely monitor equipment moves and take advantage of interchange opportunities.
The level of traffic over a communications channel.
Utilization, in queueing theory, is the proportion of the system's resources which is used by the traffic which arrives at it. It should be strictly less than one for the system to function well. It is usually represented by the symbol \rho.
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a place where electricity is consumed by an electrical load of some sort, a light fixture, a ceiling fan, or simply a table lamp plugged into a receptacle are examples
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the act of using; "he warned against the use of narcotic drugs"; "skilled in the utilization of computers"
The degree to which trees are removed and merchandized during the harvesting process.
How much a covered group uses a particular benefit plan or program.
The frequency with which a benefit is used.
Typically Employee Utilization: An industry standard used to help track and manage time on an individual level.
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The act of utilizing, or the state of being utilized.
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the state of having been made use of; "the rate of utilization"