Definitions for "EFFICIENCY FACTOR"
Represents the percentage of Net Rentable Square Feet devoted to the building's common areas (lobbies, rest rooms, corridors, etc.). This factor can be computed for an entire building or a single floor of a building. Also known as a Core Factor or Rentable/Usable (R/U) Factor, it is calculated by dividing the rentable square footage by the usable square footage.
The number resulting from diving the Usable Area by the Gross Building Area in an office building, providing a benchmark measurement for that building's use as an office building.
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A ratio corresponding to the average percentage of total time that productive work is being performed by personnel or equipment.
measure of overall performance used in a work measurement system. It is calculated by dividing the standard time to perform the work by the actual time. [D03497] GAT
Time a resource stops during production due to reel change, jamming, fatigue (for labor resources). This time is not recorded as downtime.