Definitions for "Throwing"
Using the momentum of the potter's wheel to draw plastic clay into various circular forms.
To make pottery by hand on the potters wheel. A delicate balance, which defies gravity and centrifugal force as clay is coaxed up by hand from a spinning turntable.
The process of forming clay objects on a potter's wheel.
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To deliver the ball with a arm that flexes at the elbow at point of delivery, thereby enabling extra spin to be imparted for a slow bowler, or extra pace for a quick bowler. A topic of endless debate
In the sport of cricket, throwing (commonly referred to as chucking) occurs when a bowler delivers a ball with an illegal straightening of the elbow. If the umpire deems that the ball has been delivered illegally, he will call a no ball. Current ICC regulations set a legal limit of 15 degrees of permissible straightening of the elbow for all bowlers.
Term used to describe the twisting of rayon, nylon, or silk yarns.
The operation of doubling or twisting silk or manufactured filament yarn.
The process which links the production of raw silk with weaving. Individual filaments of de-gummed silk are so fine that they become separated if not twisted or thrown. Throwing will strengthen silk for weaving, particularly in the preparation of warp yarn, and also increase the diameter and denier of a silk yarn, depending on the type and weight of fabric to be woven. Throwing consists of four operations, each requiring special machinery: Bobbin winder Uptwister Ring doubler Hank winder
Physical Properties and Testing Undesirable behaviour of adhesives that occurs when being transferred from a roller or rotary stencil mechanism where, due to peripheral speed, droplets of adhesive are flung off.
The act of transmitting, usually used with "pounds" in regard to the power of the signal. "How many pounds am I throwing?"
a. & n. from Throw, v.