Definitions for "WEDGING"
A way of pushing and folding clay to remove air pockets and to make sure the texture is even.
Crowding, forcing or pushing into a limited space.
Kneading the clay to expell air bubbles and mix the clay. The clay is repeatedly cut with a wire into wedges and kneaded with a rolling motion. Check out the tutorial below: TUTORIALS WEDGING TUTORIAL
It is splitting of stone with the help of driving wedges into planes of weakness.
Splitting of stone by driving wedges into planes of weakness.
Deformity of vertebral body, caused by trauma or gradual collapse, resulting in wedgeshaped vertebra; can also occur congenitally.
Keywords:  dip, spray, substrate, coating, edge
A build-up of coating material at the edge of a substrate. Most common with spray and dip coating processes.