Definitions for "Spatula"
Keywords:  utensil, turner, knife, blade, flipping
An implement shaped like a knife, flat, thin, and somewhat flexible, used for spreading paints, fine plasters, drugs in compounding prescriptions, etc. Cf. Palette knife, under Palette.
A versatile utensil available in a variety of shapes and sizes and generally made from metal, wood or rubber. Spatulas can be used for a multitude of tasks. Those with sturdy, pliable rubber heads can be used for folding, mixing, scraping and smoothing batters. Flexible, narrow-bladed metal spatulas are perfect for spreading frosting on cakes. A spatula with a wide, metal head (also called a turner) is used for lifting, removing or turning food being cooked so the second side can brown. These spatulas may have holes or slots to allow liquids or fats to drain off the item being lifted. See Chinese spatula.
A flat spoon of a definite shape made of plastic or rubber widely used in bakery for the purpose of mixing ingredients.
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Spatula is a a framework for content management. It's neither a blog, nor a wiki, nor a CMS, per se, but aims to learn from the best of each of these experiences.
Instrument of punishment and/or pleasure.
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an unmarried man.