Definitions for "Taxis"
a reflexive movement by a motile organism by which it moves or orients itself in relation to some source of stimulation; as, chemotaxis, the motion toward or away from gradients of certain chemical compounds.
(tak´ sis) [Gr. taxis: arrange, put in order] • The movement of an organism in a particular direction with reference to a stimulus. A taxis usually involves the employment of one sense and a movement directly toward or away from the stimulus, or else the maintenance of a constant angle to it. Thus a positive phototaxis is movement toward a light source, negative geotaxis is movement upward (away from gravity), and so on.
( taks-iss) A movement toward or away from a stimulus.
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(Gr., "order"): the organization of the State and Church along similar hierarchical lines, and the fundamental order which permeated Byzantine society. The regulation of human society was said to be an image of the celestial realm, which also was organized along hierarchical lines.
In technical uses, as in architecture, biology, grammar, etc., arrangement; order; ordonnance.
orderly, arrangement taxonomy
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