Definitions for "Kinesis"
Keywords:  stimulus, taxis, nee, sis, paramecia
(ki nee´ sis) [Gr.: movement] • Orientation behavior in which the organism does not move in a particular direction with reference to a stimulus but instead simply moves at an increasing or decreasing rate until it ends up farther from the object or closer to it. (Contrast with taxis.)
A state of movement.
(kih- nee-sis) A change in activity rate in response to a stimulus.
The Kinesis line of ergonomic computer keyboards are a popular alternative to the traditional keyboard design. Most widely known among these are the contoured Advantage line, which feature recessed keys in two bucket-like hollows which allow the fingers to reach keys with less effort as well as a central array of modifiers such as enter, alt, backspace, control, etc. where they can be pressed with the thumbs.
Mobility of a structure (of a skull, typically) about particular joints.