Definitions for "STR"
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simple tandem repeat
Short Term Recuperation Stay
Short tandem repeat. Repeated DNA sequences in which the repeat units are typically three, four, or five base pairs. Alternately, a method of analysing DNA based on variations in the number of these repeat units.
United States Special Trade Representative --- In 1989--1992 this was Carla Hills. She was replaced by Mickey Kantor in 1993. In 1997, Charlene Barshefsky was sworn in after acting as STR since Kantor's resignation.
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Smack the Rogue
Suspicious Transaction Report. A report that a reporting entity must file with FINTRAC in respect of a financial transaction that occurs in the course of its activities and for which there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the transaction is related to the commission of a money laundering or terrorist activity financing offence.
Strait, No sexual activity between same sex person.
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Strange Tales
dBase Structure List or DataPerfect Structure File Sceensaver or Stream File (Playstation Discs)
Sell To Rent. Selling your home in order to rent instead. Many people are doing this because they believe that property prices are unsustainable and must go down. They hope to profit by selling their home whilst prices are high and buying a new one once they become lower.
addle -  purchase and sale of offsetting futures or puts and calls to take advantage of fluctuations in intermonth price relationships
This string function returns a string representation of the numeric value of expr. This is very useful when you need to change the prompt of an InputBox( ) function within a For loop using Let value = InputBox("Enter value # " & Str(i) ). The ampersand represents the string concatenation operator, which joins the two strings together.
Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (a.k.a airbag).
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Speed Tonnage Rating
Skeletal Targeted Radiotherapy. A radioactive drug that attaches to bone and may kill cancer cells.
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Section, Township and Range. Method of measuring and locating land.
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Statistical Bit Rate
street Straße