Definitions for "Concatenation"
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A series of links united; a series or order of things depending on each other, as if linked together; a chain, a succession.
Combining text and values into one text string. If the formula in cell D10 is ="Final Total is " + C4 + " ." and the value of cell C4 is 560, then what you see in cell D10 is The Final Total is 560.
(1) To unite in a series; to link together; to chain. (2) The linking of transmission channels (phone lines, coaxial cable, optical fiber) end-to-end.
In its simplest meaning, concatenation refers to the combining of two or more data sequences to form a single data sequence. In DiskSuite:(1) Another word for concatenated metadevice.(2) Creating a single logical device (metadevice) by sequentially distributing disk addresses across disk slices. The sequential (serial) distribution of disk addresses distinguishes a concatenated metadevice from a striped metadevice.
Storing data either on one array disk (simple) or on disk space that spans more than one array disk (spanned). When spanning or concatenating more than one array disk, the entire storage capacity of each disk is combined in a manner that enables the operating system to view the concatenated array disks as a single disk. The storage space on concatenated array disks can be fully consumed by a virtual disk.
A layout style characterized by subdisks that are arranged sequentially and contiguously.
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