Definitions for "Sphinx"
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In Egyptian art, an image of granite or porphyry, having a human head, or the head of a ram or of a hawk, upon the wingless body of a lion.
On Greek art and mythology, a she-monster, usually represented as having the winged body of a lion, and the face and breast of a young woman.
Any one of numerous species of large moths of the family Sphingidæ; -- called also hawk moth. See also tomato worm.
A test-project for "End-to-end Security for the Exchange of Documents" initiated by the 'Koordinierungs- und Beratungsstelle der Bundesregierung' (procurement department of the ministry of interior) in conjunction with the 'Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik' (German information security agency)
A book with a large circulation, “Le livre du Mysterieux Inconnu” was published in 1969 by Robert Charroux. On its first cover there was the picture of a Sphinx, other than the legendary stone face from Egypt. This Sphinx can be seen in Romania, in the Carpathians, in the Bucegi Massif.
Sphinx is fictional planet in the "Honorverse", a series of books by David Weber. It is the fourth planet of Manticore A, which is a component of the Manticore binary star system. It is a heavy gravity world with gravity 1.35 times that of Earth.
Sphinx is a 1979 novel by Robin Cook. In 1980, it was made into a film starring Lesley-Anne Down as Erica Baron.
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the patroness of the NPL. Also "Madame Sphinx." [Also recently, especially with respect to the traditional logo used on covers of The Enigma, "Old Stony". -- web/dart
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The Guinea, or sphinx, baboon (Cynocephalus sphinx).
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Sphinx is the designation of an American test satellite. The Sphinx satellite was the payload for the first Titan 3-E Centaur rocket. The Helios, Viking and Voyager space probes were later launched using this rocket.
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Re Horus Thoth Of Both Horizons. The conscious, civilized adult and the horse he rode in on.
Hence: A person of enigmatical character and purposes, especially in politics and diplomacy.
an inscrutable person who keeps his thoughts and intentions secret
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A sphinx indicates that your future rests on someone of the different gender to yourself who isn't in your life yet, however is certain to arrive.
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a species of cat