Definitions for "Manticore"
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A mythical monster having the head of man (with horns) and the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion.
A monstrous creature which inhabits the forests in Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and India. The manticore, considered to be the most dangerous predator in these regions, has the body of a lion and a head with human resemblance. The mouth is filled with three rows of razor-sharp teeth and the scaled tail ends in a ball with poisonous darts. The monster stalks through the forest in search of humans. Upon an encounter with a human, the manticore fires a volley of darts at the victim, who dies immediately. This unfortunate person is devoured completely, even the bones and clothing, as well as the possessions this person carried, vanish. When a villager has completely disappeared, this is considered proof of the presence of a manticore.
a fabulous creature with a lion's body, a man's face, and a sting in his tail
Manticore was a Scifi original movie that aired on the Sci Fi channel on November 26, 2005. It was directed by Tripp Reed and featured Heather Donahue, Chase Masterson and Robert Beltran. It is about a army squad in Iraq that must fight against a resurrected, nearly unstoppable manticore awaken from its slumber by a terrorist.
Manticore is a fictional planet from the Honorverse, a series of books written by David Weber and published by Baen Books.
Boogiepop series by Kouhei Kadono.
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Manticore (Justin Sinclair) is the name of two superheroes, father and son. The latter is one of the lead heroes in the City of Heroes backstory and the accompanying MMORPG. Created by Sean Michael Fish, he first appeared in City of Heroes Issue #1, Vol. 2.
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Manticore were a heavy metal band formed in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia in the early 1990s.