Definitions for "GryPhon "
The griffin vulture.
Also spelled griffin, griffon. A creature leonine in the hindquarters and raptorine in the fore. Around the Gryphonguild, this definition may be expanded to also mean other half-half chimera, though in general, Gryphons are considered to be half avian and half feline.
a legendary flying creature of Tencendor, intelligent, vicious and courageous. Gorgrael recreated them to defeat Axis, but they were all destroyed by Azhure.
Gryphon is one of three habitable planets in the Manticore system, the home system of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, a fictional binary star system found in the Honorverse. It is one of two planets of Manticore B and the only habitable one, with a planetary population at the turn of the 20th Century post diaspora of 575 million inhabitants, plus another 298 million living in Manticore-B's asteroid belts. It has a very considerable axial tilt, leading to extreme seasonal weather.
Gryphon is a 2007 film directed by Andrew Prowse, starring Amber Benson, Jonathan La Paglia, and Larry Drake. It premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel on January 27, 2007.
Gryphon were a British progressive rock band of the 1970s, notable for their unusual sound and instrumentation. Multi-instrumentalist Richard Harvey and his fellow Royal Academy of Music graduate Brian Gulland, a woodwind player, began the group as an all-acoustic ensemble that mixed traditional English folk music with medieval and Renaissance influences. Shortly after this, the duo was joined by guitarist Graeme Taylor and Drummer/percussionist David Oberlé.
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GrypPhon focuses on adding new features to the old concept of a CD player, while maintaining extreme configurability. It is written purely in Python and contains a Linux CD-ROM audio library for Python containing all normal CD-playing features, plus volume control and skipping/searching.
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a huge advantage in this one - one of the main problems I had originally is the lack of sight, and trolls sometimes came out of nowhere
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a fighting machine and unless the wolf is cunning he will lose his life