Definitions for "Basilisk "
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The cockatrice. A sort of serpent hatched form the egg of a cock. The basilisk had a bad eye, and its glance was fatal. Many infidels deny this creature's existence, but Semprello Aurator saw and handled one that had been blinded by lightning as a punishment for having fatally gazed on a lady of rank whom Jupiter loved. Juno afterward restored the reptile's sight and hid it in a cave. Nothing is so well attested by the ancients as the existence of the basilisk, but the cocks have stopped laying.
A fabulous serpent, or dragon. The ancients alleged that its hissing would drive away all other serpents, and that its breath, and even its look, was fatal. See Cockatrice.
A lizard of the genus Basiliscus, belonging to the family Iguanidæ.
Basilisk (Basil Elks) is a fictional character, a supervillain in the who first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #16.
Basilisk is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in New X-Men vol. 1 #135, created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.
Basilisk is a full-featured middleware library to develop games. It features sprites, animations, real time sound mixing with filters and special effects, high resolution timers, a basic 3D math library, an input system based on bindable actions, fullscreen exclusive mode support, resolution managers, JDK
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a serpentine demon that has poison in its fangs
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a big ship, similar in size to that of a Nova Manticore, but a bit smaller and more agile
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ancient brass cannon
Basilisk is an embeddable data engine and virtual machine. Applications may use it to allow data and logic to be stored externally in a format that users may read and modify.