Definitions for "Pegasus"
A winged horse fabled to have sprung from the body of Medusa when she was slain. He is noted for causing, with a blow of his hoof, Hippocrene, the inspiring fountain of the Muses, to spring from Mount Helicon. On this account he is, in modern times, associated with the Muses, and with ideas of poetic inspiration.
A northen constellation near the vernal equinoctial point. Its three brightest stars, with the brightest star of Andromeda, form the square of Pegasus.
Is a horse with wings. In legend they were creatures created by the Greek God Zeus.
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The operation to relieve Khe Sanh, 1-15 April 1968.
Operation conducted by the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) with U.S. Marine and Vietnamese Army airborne battalions to relieve the siege of Khe Sanh, 1-15 April 1968
"Pegasus" is the second song from The Allman Brothers Band's 1979 album Enlightened Rogues. It is an instrumental written by lead guitarist Dickey Betts.
Name for the prepared runway on permanent ice near McMurdo Station that operates mainly in late January and February and accommodates wheeled airplanes.
a demonstration Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle
A rocket-vehicle concept for transportation of commercial high-priority freight or 172 passengers.
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Laura's pet dog, a white labrador/dalamation cross.
"Pegasus" is an episode of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series.
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Award given out at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest to recognize excellence in filking.
A conversational interface attached to the American Airlines EAASY SABRE reservation system which allows users to obtain flight information and make reservations via the telephone.
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A genus of small fishes, having large pectoral fins, and the body covered with hard, bony plates. Several species are known from the East Indies and China.
The Australia-wide monthly newsletter received by paid full SCA members, with contact people and upcoming events for all groups in Lochac.
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The software application the library uses to manage e-mail.
An e-mail system used in various departments in the University to manage and deliver e-mail.
Name of Loyola's online library catalog.
Meteoroid detection satellite
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A current profiling system.