Definitions for "Fins"
Large rubber fin type devices that fit on a swimmers feet. Used in swim practice, not competition.
plastic or wooden attachments to the foot that adds strength to the kick of a swimmer.
A rubber covering for the foot having a flat, flexible portion than widens as it extends from the toes. Used in swim practice, not competition. Also known as “flippers”.
Used on surf kayak and making their way onto playboats, fins help paddlers to carve hard when they're surfing.
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A strip of aluminium that is folded to "zig zag" between the two flat sides of the tubes. A fin in a 500mm long tube, can be 2400 mm long! It is these joints that gives an aluminium core it's advantage over copper/brass, as solder is a very poor conductor of heat compared to the all aluminium fused joint.
Small vertical projections on the rear of the bottom of the surfboard used for stability and drive
An external appendage or "limb" of a fish, used for directing, stabilizing, or propelling it in the water. Number vary between species, but usually seven.
An all-inclusive call by which a player can suspend all rules until he has planned his shot. A most valuable offensive ploy.
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A finger-width crease at the edge of a wing either up or down that changes the angle of the plane and what direction it flies.
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Used to restrain large spans of glass
Air cooled engines are typically covered with cooling fins. These fins are increasing the surface of the cylinder and cylinder head, which increases the heat-transfer from the engine to the surrounding air.