Definitions for "Charon "
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The son of Erebus and Nox, whose office it was to ferry the souls of the dead over the Styx, a river of the infernal regions.
In Greek mythology, ferryman of the River Styx, who carried the dead to the underworld. Each dead person was buried with a coin in his mouth or on his eyelids to pay for the crossing.
The only known moon of the planet Pluto.
Charon are a Finnish gothic metal band. Encyclopaedia Metallum - Charon Formed in 1992 as a brutal death metal act,, Rockdetector - Charon it took them five years to secure a record deal with Emanzipation Productions. Charon proceeded to release their debut album "Sorrowburn" in 1998. Its follow-up "Tearstained" was released by Danish label Diehard Records in 2000.
Charon simplifies reselling Internet access via WiFi access points. It installs onto Linksys, ASUS, and other common WiFi access points and manages automatic price and access negotiation with local wireless customers, charging them via the micropayment system. Deposits are accepted via either cash or credit card.
Charon is the main antagonist in the comic book universe known as Cross Gen or the Sigilverse. He appears most often in Negation but has also had his own limited series Mark of Charon and is mentioned throughout many CrossGen titles. Charon's story was never finished due to the bankruptcy of CrossGen Entertainment, Inc in 2004.
The editor and publisher of Point 5 and a charmingly crazy person I know only through email and his writing. (10/2002) He disappeared for awhile but I got back in contact with him this fall. Things are better but Point 5 is still defunct.
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The Charon are a fictional human species from Ian Irvine's arc of novels, The Three Worlds.
CHARON is generator to produce PowerTier .per files from TogetherJ class-diagrams and vice versa.
Charon is a web browser for the Inferno operating system. It is a basic graphical browser with support for javascript, HTTPS, and basic support for FTP.
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aquatic chemistry model