Definitions for "Spammer"
Spammer is an anti-spam mail filter for Sendmail and Postfix. It uses libmilter to communicate with the MTA. Spammer checks client IP addresses as well as all IP addresses in the "Received: " headers against a DNSBL database.
Someone who sends spam.
A person sending out spam.
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A person who distributes spam.
a person who places a casting notice as a bait to sell you something
a person who spams
One who spams. Usually some desperate yet misguided individual who has bought some spamware (probably from a spam) and is under the completely wrong impression that money can be made from spamming.
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a spanner with no teeth
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An addict of spamming.
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an exact refelction of what they produce
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a stupid user who keeps on spamming a site with bad/illegal/banned words
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A sender of Spam
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a serial killer without the balls to pull the trigger
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the people who sent out spam. Normally 18 - 30 year old males.