Definitions for "Hijacking"
Sending an e-mail that, when the recipient opens the message or clicks on the attachment, unleashes a virus that infiltrates and “spoofs” the recipient's e-mail address, allowing a spammer to actually use that computer to send more spam.
A hacking technique that involves taking over an existing TCP connection - normally associated with a Telnet terminal session. The attacker can pretend to be the originator of the connection and have access to whatever resources have been made available to the connection.
Attack in which the attacker takes over a live connection between two entities so that the attacker can masquerade as one of the entities.
Unlawfully assuming control of an occupied aircraft or vehicle (although the Hijacking Act 1971 refers only to aircraft).
robbery of a traveller or vehicle in transit or seizing control of a vehicle by the use of force
stopping and stealing or stealing from a vehicle in transit; "hijacking gangs after truckloads of cigarettes"
HISPANICS: use to link stories about hispanic people as a group. HISTORY: use only when significant details are given; contrast with CHRONOLOGY. HOBBY: to bring together hobbies like collecting baseball cards, etc.
a virus which reconnects your server to the internet through an international telephone number resulting in enormous phone charges.
Standard Aviation Hull Insurance usually excludes this form of cover, which can be purchased for an additional premium. As far as Personal Accident Insurance is concerned, unless the policy says otherwise, accidental bodily injury sustained as a result of hijacking will be covered.
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A term used by the Japanese for takeover.