Definitions for "Size or sizing"
The process by which gelatin rosin, starch or other synthetic substance is added to paper to provide resistence to the absorption of moisture or eliminating ink feathering and bleed through. Sizing added to the beater or vat of pulp is known as internal sizing. After a sheet is formed, it may be either surface sized (painted or brushed on the surface), or tub sized (immersed in a bath).
The treatment of paper so that it is resistant to moisture. Sizing material is applied to the surface or throughout the material to fill pores, which reduces absorption.
A treatment consisting of starch, gelatin, oil, wax or other suitable ingredient which is applied to fibers at the time of formation to protect the surface and aid the process of handling and fabrication, or to control the fiber characteristics. The treatment contains ingredients which provide surface lubricity and binding action but, unlike a finish, contains no coupling agent.
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