Definitions for "Dusting"
Loose metal dust, particles, fines which are not permitted on the conductor surface
The formation and accumulation of fine particles in the projector gate area. Can be caused by material scraped from the film due to misalignment of film in the gate, excessive tension, lack of proper lubrication, etc. See Angel hair.
Shedding of particles of filler, fiber or coatings from paper during finishing, converting, printing or use in office machines. This can interfere with the operation. William Bureau, speaking of its effect on the printing operation, says, "Dusting, sometimes called powdering, is the accumulation of very small, visible white particles on the blanket due to the release of fillers from uncoated paper or coating pigment particles from coated papers." He distinguishes it from milking, piling and whitening. It can happen with acidic papers as well as alkaline papers.
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Very thin coating of one mineral on another mineral; a very thin sprinkling.
To sprinkle with icing sugar or flour. Entree - In Europe it means hors dóeuvres; in North America it means main course. Fillet - Four steaks from a whole fillet, 150g each steak (6oz).
Sprinkle with sugar, spices, flour etc., so as to give it a light coat.
The term used to describe the effect of burnishing a floor finish film to the point of top layer degradation.
The application of dry Portland cement to a wet floor or deck mortar surface.
The act of thrashing around in the dirt to clean their feathers and discourage body parasites.
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Drugs Dyke Sex
Adding PCP to another drug.
The process of applying insecticide or pesticide in dust formulation.