Definitions for "Linoleum"
Keywords:  linseed, cork, burlap, resilient, vinyl
Linseed oil brought to various degrees of hardness by some oxidizing process, as by exposure to heated air, or by treatment with chloride of sulphur. In this condition it is used for many of the purposes to which India rubber has been applied.
A kind of floor cloth made by laying hardened linseed oil mixed with ground cork on a canvas backing.
A floor covering used in heavy traffic areas (kitchens, bathrooms, entrances, etc. Made up of cork, linseed oil, resins and pigments on a canvas or burlap backing, and applied from a roll. A quality material superior to many "tiles".
The (also called Linoleum or Lino) programming language is an unstructured, untyped, procedural, cross-platform assembler developed by Italian private programmer Alessandro Ghignola beginning in 2001. (The unusual acronym stands for Low-level INterfaced OverLanguage for Extremely Universal Machine-coding.) (hereafter referred to as Lino) is easier than native assembler and claims to be twice as fast as C/C++.
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Linoleum were a London based indie / alternative musical group active during the late 1990s. Its original line up consisted of Caroline Finch - vocals/guitar, Paul Jones - guitar, Emma Tornaro - bass and Dave Nice - drums. This line up changed slightly in 2000 when Paul Jones left the band to join Elastica, he was replaced by Gavin Pearce.