Definitions for "compo"
A carver's mixture of resin, whiting, and glue, used instead of plaster of Paris for ornamenting walls and cornices.
Short for "composition," which is a plasterlike substance used in making decorative ornaments for frame finishing. Compo ornaments are applied to a wood frame base to give moulding an ornate, hand-carved look. Compo also can be used to repair or replace ornaments on a frame.
Composition, or compo, is a traditional picture framing material which is used as an alternative to carving to make decoration on frames. When heated, compo is soft enough to be pressed into decorative moulds. When cooled it becomes hard and durable. Compo is made from animal (hide) glue, whiting (chalk), linseed oil and colophony.
compo is a musical composition system in the form of a computer language derived from Common Lisp. compo est un syst�me de composition musicale se pr�sentant sous la forme d'un language informatique d�riv� de Common Lisp.
Compo was a state-owned furniture manufactory located in the town of Svilajnac, Serbia.
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A composition for billiard balls.
For the character "Compo" in British TV comedy Last of the Summer Wine, please see Compo Simmonite
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Short for Composition; -- used, esp. in England, colloq. in various trade applications;
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A flowed latex compound or ground cork particles adhered and used as a liner in a closure.
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A mortar made of sand and cement.
A preparation of which printer's rollers are made.
A preparation used in currying leather.
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Composition paid by a debtor.
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A commonly used abbreviation for composition.
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(slang) Any type of composition material.