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Emma is a comic novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1816, about the perils of misconstrued romance. The main character, Emma Woodhouse, is described in the opening paragraph as "handsome, clever, and rich" but is also rather spoiled. Prior to starting the novel, Austen wrote, "I am going to take a heroine whom no-one but myself will much like."
Japanese seinen manga by Kaoru Mori. The manga was also adapted into a TV-anime series, entitled .
Jane Austen's novel Emma (1815) was adapted as a feature film in 1996.
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a video journalist and she is documenting the entire exhibition with a high-dv cam
EMMA - the Ethnic Minority Media Awards - was founded in 1997 by Bobby Syed. The first award presentation took place in 1998 and was hosted by TV presenter Lisa Aziz and journalist Darcus Howe.
Emma is a graphical toolkit for MySQL database developers and administrators. It provides dialogs to create or modify MySQL databases, tables, and associated indexes. The results of an executed query are displayed in a resultset where the record data can be edited by the user, if the SQL statemant allows for it. The SQL editor and resultset view are grouped in tabs.
a fast Java code coverage tool based on bytecode instrumentation
an open-source toolkit for measuring and reporting Java code coverage
Marie Dressler starred in this Clarence Brown directed 1932 film about a mature woman who selflessly and lovingly raises a widower's children, giving them constant care and attention as they grow into heedless and spoilt young adults. Their aging father goes on a vacation for his health, and she goes along to look after him (It's her first vacation in many years) and on the trip he proposes marriage- which she accepts. Tragedy strikes when he collapses while rowing a boat and dies soon afterwards.
Emma, also known as Emma, Emmaline or Emmeline, is a song by Errol Brown and Tony Wilson released as a single by Hot Chocolate in 1974. It made No.3 in the UK charts.
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Emma is a play by Howard Zinn.
a mythical creature who seems to appear everynow and again
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Popgruppen E.M.M.A are a Swedish girl group.
Emma is a relatively common first name among females. It is probably derived from the germanic word ermen meaning whole or universal.
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Emmanuel College