Definitions for "Beater"
or Hollander - introduced mid seventeenth century and superseded the method of preparing pulp by hammering or stamping the rags.
These are used to separate the fibers in the paper making process. When handmaking paper, the consumer usually uses a kitchen blender to chop the paper before making a paper sheet.
Blender-type machine used to pulverize pulp and for mixing additives and color to the stock.
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A person who beats up game for the hunters.
Person who flushes wild game
a worker who rouses wild game from under cover for a hunter
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Also called a "reed." The part of a loom which seperates the warp threads, keeping them evenly spaced and untangled. The weaver uses the beater to pack the weft into the woven fabric.
Often referred to as the sley or batten. Used to beat up the weft into the fell of the cloth. See batten, fell and sley.
n. the old well used bike, saved for bad weather, errands, and other biking activities that might tarnish your "Good Bike"
Cheap knockaround bike for using when you don't want to get your other bike(s) broken/dirty/stolen
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A drum mallet.
The part of the pedal that hits the bass drum head, constructed individually or in a combination from wood, plastic or felt, mounted on a metal rod (shaft) fixed to the pedal body.
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Wipeout or fall.
Quidditch player protects team from Bludgers, tries to knock them into opponents
a car whose cosmetic appearance is of no consequence to you or anyone else (except maybe the neighbors who have to see that thing parked on their block) because you are only going to own it until it drops in its tracks and needs to be towed away
what the members of the PargAddi call themselves.
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a young harp seal that no longer has a white coat
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A toothed or spiked roll in an opening or cleaning machine used for processing fiber into yarn.
A machine which alters or modifies the properties of fibres.
Special equipment used to remove loose dirt or dust from the carpet prior to cleaning.
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a thin, ribbed tank originally worn by men as underwear
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an implement for beating
A device that separates the fibers of organic plant matter to make a solution with water.
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One who, or that which, beats.