Definitions for "Shimmy"
Keywords:  shake, wobble, steering, bent, tire
An upper body movement. Move shoulders from left to right or right to left.
A complex bellydancing move that involves vibrating the hips and shoulders.
A (Core) Nia Move in which you shake your shoulders as if you are shivering from the cold.
The American slang expression for chemin de fer.
This is another slang used to refer to Chemin-de-Fer.
Keywords:  chemise
A chemise.
A stress-related symptom in which a fish remains in one position while wagging it's body from side to side. Common among Livebearers, especially Mollies, when water conditions are not within the parameters for the fish's needs.
a woman's sleeveless undergarment
a terrible thing and must be isolated and corrected, or at least understood to the point of being able to control it
Keywords:  uneven, plumb, tapered, gaps, strip
Using a tapered wood strip, called a shim, to fill gaps so that structures are level and plumb by placing it between two members to fill in uneven areas.