Definitions for "Gaps"
Gazette Publishing System which provides a simple user interface by which purchasing officers report let-contracts and standing offers
Gazette Publishing System (GaPS)-agency agreements, Commonwealth contracts and standing offers with an estimated liability of $2000 or more must be reported in the Purchasing and Disposals Gazette, within six weeks of entering into the agreement. This information is available on the GaPS site at
spaces between values in a set of data
Gaps is a member of the Montana group of solitaire card games, where the arrangement of cards from Deuce (a Two card) to King is the object. Other games in the group include Spaces, Vacancies, Clown Solitaire, Montana itself, and Blue Moon.
A gap is defined as any maximal, consecutive run of spaces in a single string of a given alignment. Gaps help create alignments that better conform to underlying biological models and more closely fit patterns that one expects to find in meaningful alignment. The idea is to take in account the number of continuous gaps and not only the number of spaces when calculating an alignment. Affine gaps contain a component for gap insertion and a component for gap extension, where the extension penalty is usually much lower than the insertion penalty. This mimics biological reality as multiple gaps would imply multiple mutations, but a single mutation can lead to a long gap quite easily.
Editing symbols that are inserted into sequences in the process of alignment in order to compensate for presumptive insertion and deletion events.
A gap is a location in a sequence where there is no media on any track.
Graduate APS
Graduate Australian Public Servants
Gapped protein signature groups were allowed to span 3-10 amino acids in length and to include one undetermined amino acid.
Guidelines for Adolescent Preventive Services See AMA
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It is the area on the bar chart where no trading has taken place.
See Chart Gaps
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Good Agricultural Practices
The costs or services that are not covered under the Original Medicare Plan.
The amount by which needs as expressed by the demand model exceed resources as expressed by the supply model.
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Percentage of shots faced that result in goals
Grant Administration and Payment System