Definitions for "FER"
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Also known as Fer Servadou, Brocol, Braucol and Pinenc. The name apparently refers to the iron-hard woodiness of the vine. Grown to a limited extent in southwest France and used to impart color, intensity and aroma to regional red wine blends. The variety grown in Argentina and called by this name is now thought to be a clone of Malbec.
Fer is a red wine grape that is grown primarily in southwestern France and is most notable for its role in Madiran, Gaillac, and Aveyron wines. In Béarn, the grape is commonly used in local wines under the name Pinenc. The vine is noted for its hard wood and difficulty in pruning.
Federation des Etudiants Revolutionnaires (Federation of Revolutionary Students – the youth group of the OCI)
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Flashlight FPS
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Abbreviation for rame rror ate.
For. (Pronounced "fur"). Go fer it (Submitted by Roger O., Idaho)
Frozen embryo replacement. the replacement of a cryopreserved embryo.
fossil energy-replacement ratio
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Farm Environment Record. A simple record of the features on your land, required as part of the ELS or OELS element of your agreement. As a condition of your agreement, you agree to retain the features identified.
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Frame Erasure Rate
frame error rate
Foreign Exchange Requirement. A component of the financial resources requirement for ISD firms.