Definitions for "Shibboleth"
A privacy and security aware mailing list manager, perfect for allowing closed groups to interact on the Internet without interference from outsiders and former insiders.
Shibboleth is a combination of software and a federated trust model to support the sharing of resources between institutions such as Universities. Shibboleth was originally developed by the Internet2 group and is being tested and explored by a number of JISC projects (such as IAMSECT) to assess its suitability within the UK. The Shibboleth software, as of version 1.3, is licenced under the Open Source Apache licence, 2.0. See also Internet2, Open Source.
an initiative to develop an architecture and policy framework supporting the sharing of secured web resources and services across multiple institutions.
A word which was made the criterion by which to distinguish the Ephraimites from the Gileadites. The Ephraimites, not being able to pronounce sh, called the word sibboleth. See Judges xii.
Hence, the criterion, test, or watchword of a party; a party cry or pet phrase.
A word or pronunciation used to distinguish outsiders: originally used in Judges 12: 4-6 (see also Zephaniah 3: 8-9).
a distinctive or peculiar use of some aspect of speech that identifies a social group. an old slogan, catchword, or common saying that has lost meaning or relevance, as "You're the cat's pajamas" from the 1920s.
a word or saying used by adherents of a party, sect, or belief and usually regarded by others as empty of real meaning
a favorite saying of a sect or political group
a manner of speaking that is distinctive of a particular group of people
a handy tool , whether it is used in religion, politics, or any number of fields, wherever men maintain exclusive groups
A long-standing formula, doctrine or phrase held to be true by a certain group of people
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"Shibboleth" is the 30th episode of The West Wing.
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a protection that you may do in the form of a mantra
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Also used in an extended sense.