Definitions for "gsi "
GSI is an easy-to-use network audio system that gives applications, through a very simple API, sample playing with stereo, 3D, doppler effects, music playing , and CD playing and ejecting/changing. GSI also contains a separately usable sound/music loading/saving/format conversion library libgsif, although saving/format conversion is not completely done.
Government Source Inspection
Grid middleware component "Grid Security Infrastructure", Public Key- based, provided by the Globus Toolkit. It consists of the gss-api library for adding authentication to a program. GSI provides programs, such as grid-proxy-init, to facilitate login to a variety of sites, while each site has its own flavor of security measures.
Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation (3DVAR analysis scheme from NCEP)
Geographical Survey Institute, Japan
Geographical Survey Institute ‘“y'n
Geological Society of Ireland
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Gamma Steering Instrument. Ryan's Gamma Steering Instrument (GSI) uses an advanced processing of sensor data combined with an oriented "window" through which natural gamma ray formation measurements are recorded. This focusing technique allows the operator to monitor formation changes adjacent to the borehole, enabling the operators to adjust the well path and optimize its position in the zone of interest.
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See gonosomatic index.
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Global Soccer Investment
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Genuine Software Initiative
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Gross sector input
Generic Safety Issue
Guaranteed Standard Issue. An underwriting term used to describe the fact that a group insurance contract was issued without reference to any medical underwriting. All group participants are covered regardless of health history. (H)
Genetic Stock Identification.
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General Server Interface