Definitions for "SSL Encryption"
Secure Socket Layer, a security measure developed by Netscape, scrambles data to provide data encryption and authentication of servers or clients often dealing with highly sensitive data.
Secure Sockets Layer: A protocol designed by Netscape to enable encrypted communications across the Internet. It provides privacy, authentication, and message integrity. SSL is often used in communications between browsers and servers. A URL that begins with "https" is a clue that an SSL connection will be used on the Web site. During an SSL connection, each side sends a Security Certificate to the other. Both sides then encrypt what they send, ensuring that only the intended recipient can decode it.
Secure Socket Layers (SSL) allows you to encrypt credit card numbers or other confidential documents so that it is impossible to intercept during a transmission. SSL will light up the key in your customer's browser, greatly increasing customer trust when buying from your site.
ensures the safety and privacy of information shared during the meeting