Definitions for "Security association"
An association between two nodes that specifies security parameters, including cryptography algorithm, cryptography key and expiration time.
a combination of a destination address, a security protocol, and a unique identification value, called a Security Parameters Index (SPI)
a combination of your IP addresses, an SPI, and your security protocol (AH and/or ESP)
an association between two endpoints in a Diameter session which allows the endpoints to communicate with integrity and confidentially, even in the presence of relays and/or proxies
a unidirectional session between two termination endpoints
An association that specifies security properties from one host to a second host.
A one-way relationship between sender and receiver offering security services on the communication flow.
a set of security attributes agreed upon by the communicating parties for the protection of information to be transferred
a one-way connection between two machines that specifies the services that are applied to the traffic flowing between those machines
The set of security information relating to a given network connection or set of connections.
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See SA.