Definitions for "SSL CERTIFICATE"
Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. You should be able to view the SSL Certificate on a website to verify its authenticity. This assures you of a degree of protection when browsing certain websites.
An SSL Certificate, or a digital certificate, is an electronic document that contains the information necessary to establish a secure SSL connection. This is nearly always a must for shoppers, and is usually indicated by a picture of a padlock in the browser window—try When SSL is used in credit card transactions, the Web site collecting the credit card information and the site to which the information is being transmitted must both have an SSL Certificate. A virtual or shared SSL certificate is an SSL security certificate you share with other domains. A shared SSL certificate is included with our hosting packages, meaning you can easily add security to your Web site by using SSL. For larger companies we offer dedicated SSL or private SSL, also available via the control panel.
a digital certificate installed on a server that enables user verification and secure data exchange using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol
a file which ensures that a website or computer and the people behind are who they say they are and that they are reputable
a 'must-have' for hosting customers who need to reassure their online customers that they are a legitimate business and that information passing between their browsers and the website cannot be intercepted
a piece of software digitally signed by a third party (That is, not the secure website in question or the end user
a "must have" if you want to collect confidential information from your customers, such as credit card numbers
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