Definitions for "Security context"
Keywords:  token, sspi, context, descriptor, smart
The security attributes or rules that are currently in effect. For example, the current user logged on to the computer or the personal identification number entered by the smart card user. For SSPI, a security context is an opaque data structure that contains security data relevant to a connection, such as a session key or an indication of the duration of the session.
An aspect of Windows NT Server that controls the type of access a user, process, or service has to system services.
The digitally signed token that identifies a principal, lists the roles and access rights for the principal, and contains information about when the token expires.
a container for logically-related groups of policies
a virtual firewall that has its own security policies and interfaces
An object that encapsulates the shared state information regarding security between two entities.
a variable-length string representation of the security label