Definitions for "deconstruction"
A philosophical theory of criticism (usually of literature or film) that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning. This method questions the ability of language to represent a fixed reality, and proposes that a text has no stable meaning because words only refer to other words, that metaphysical or ethnocentric assumptions about the meaning of words must be questioned, and words may be redefined in new contexts and new, equally valid and even contradictory meanings may be found. Such new interpretations may be based on the philosophical, political, or social implications of the words of a text, rather than solely on attempts to determine the author's intentions.
the process of criticising or interpreting a text by the method of deconstruction{1}.
A contemporary intellectual movement, especially in philosophy, literary theory and criticism concerned with (among other things) challenging the rigid or fixed hierarchies so central to Western thought and culture (for example, work/play; spirit/body; speaking/writing). In semiotics, deconstructionists would say there is no difference between the signifier and the signified--all signifieds are, in turn, themselves signifiers.
taking apart or examining any literature or institution (like a government) and uncovering its inconsistencies and hidden meanings.
dismantling buildings and salvaging reusable materials to conserve resources and landfill space.
A process to carefully dismantle or remove useable materials from structures, as an alternative to demolition. It maximizes the recovery of valuable building materials for reuse and recycling and minimizes the amount of waste land-filled. Deconstruction options may include: Reusing the entire building by remodeling, moving the structure to a new location or taking the building apart to reuse lumber, windows, doors, and other materials.
Deconstruction was a band formed by former Jane's Addiction members, guitarist Dave Navarro and bassist Eric Avery. Originally their former Jane's Addiction bandmate drummer Stephen Perkins was slated to be Deconstruction's drummer but instead joined Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell's new band Porno for Pyros. Drummer Michael Murphey was instead recruited for percussion duties.
Deconstruction is the third album by American singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks, released in 1999. (see 1999 in music).
an absolutely splendid outline of why progressives are willing to pay higher taxes