Definitions for "Selection criteria"
Refers to characteristics that identify segments or sub-groups within a list.
A set of statements that describe suitable indicators or a rationale for selecting indicators (ITFM).
Refers to the characteristics that your prospects need to have in order for them to be suitable to target for your product (e.g. only people who own a conservatory will be targeted for conservatory blinds)
The basis for selecting the most qualified candidate and the information used to determine a persons experience or proficiency level for performing specific duties required of an advertised position. This is established from information contained within the position description such as knowledge, skills and abilities and applied to the education/experience of the applicants. This should include, but is not limited to interview results, reference checks from previous employers, volunteer work and work sample exercises.
Phenotypic values or other pieces of information that form the basis for selection decisions.
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When a college campus cannot admit all the eligible applicants, it applies standards that identify high academic achievers with other qualities that can contribute to the strength and diversity of the individual campus community.
Factors taken into account when deciding which applicants will be offered a place in a course. Selection criteria are applied after applicants have met the entry requirements for a course. See also Selection method.
a list of requirements needed for the vacant position