Definitions for "SBS"
Royal Marines Special Boat Service
Solid Bleached Sulfate. Paperboard comprised of fully bleached virgin kraft pulp (sulfate process) fiber. Bleached refers to the fact that it is bleached to an appealing high brightness. Sulfate refers to the chemical process used in preparing the pulp.
Special Boat Squadron. Originally commanded by Earl George Jellicoe, the Special Boat Squadron was a small division within the WWII SAS. The SBS sowed water-borne havoc against the Germans in the Aegean. Once the war was over, the SBS was separated from the SAS and renamed the Special Boat Service, and since then the SBS has conducted a number of extremely successful and in most cases secret operations around the world. Possibly the most famous SBS operation was during the Falklands War, when member of the SBS were sent on long-range reconnaissance against the Argentinean Forces, weeks before the rest of the British fleet arrived.
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acronym for Shaken Baby Syndrome (More? Abnormal Development - Shaken Baby)
Sick Building Syndrome. (1) A human health condition in which infections linger, caused by exposure to contaminants within a building as a result of poor ventilation. (2) Building whose occupants experience acute health and/or comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent therein, but where no specific illness or cause can be identified. Complaints may be localized in a particular room or zone, or may spread throughout the building and may abate on leaving the building. Also see "Building-related Illness."
Sick Building Syndrome. ye, nose and throat irritations; fatigue; and skin disorders.
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering. A mechanism that limits the amount of optical power at a single wavelength that can be transmitted through an optical fiber.
Silicon Bilateral Switch. A thyristor trigger that is designed to provide high-current pulses for triggering high-power thyristors.
See stimulated Brillouin scattering.
The Study Bedroom Service enables individual students to connect their own PC to the University of Kent network from their room at the Canterbury campus.
Student Billing System for registration fees, and the system which generates your ZOTBill and ZOTAccount Online for the payment of your registration fees.
An acronym for the Student Billing System , the software vendor’s name for the billing and student account module of ISIS.
The Special Broadcasting Service.
Special Broadcasting Service Corporation.
Storage Banking Service. A customer-selected capacity for storage service with a minimum level of one MDCQ-day.
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Short Beam Shear. A flexural test of a specimen having a low test span-to-thickness ratio (for example, 4:1), such that failure is primarily in shear.
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Satellite Base Station, a network station in MPDS.
Social and Behavioral Sciences
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