Definitions for "sdb"
Small And Disadvantaged Business--A small business that is owned and operated by a socially or economically disadvantaged individual.
Small Diameter Bomb
Small Disadvantage Business
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standard dwarf bearded iris, usually from 8-15 inches tall.
Standard Data Block.
MOE's Standards Development Branch. An area of MOE responsible for developing new environmental standards (incl. air quality) and assessment techniques (including Brownfield Risk Assessments).
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Serif a href http www sdbio fr Syndicat Des Biologistes
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State Database. WSU Payroll Office acronym for on-line database located in Olympia which Payroll maintains for all employees and retirees on State health and dental plans.
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abb. safe deposit box
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abbr. sleep disordered breathing
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SDB is an utility for traders to manage a collection of live shows. It currently features various export formats and a gui to browse, add, edit your shows.
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switched digital broadband
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State Based Decoding.
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Student Data Base