Definitions for "Safety Case"
formal statement, required by law, of how an operator intends to manage an installation safely
Suite of documents providing a written demonstration that risks has been reduced as low as reasonably practicable. The safety case is not a one-off series of documents prepared to obtain a nuclear licence. It is intended to be a living dossier, which underpins every safety related decision made by the licensees. The safety case should be updated regularly and as plant and organisational changes dictate. Safety cases can apply to whole plants or to modifications and should include management prospectuses.
a documented demonstration of a railway undertakings approach to the management of safety and is based around a description of its safety management system
Some countries such as Canada, Australia, Norway and the UK require a Safety Case to be developed before permission is given to develop and operate an oil field. Various safety studies are conducted and reviewed. If approved, the oil company is allowed to operate the oil or gas field providing all conditions of the Safety Case are and continue to be met.
a structured compilation of the results from the off line safety assessment of the system
An analysis performed to determine whether or not a system meets safety requirements.