Definitions for "Sabbatical"
A leave of absence, often with pay, usually granted every seventh year.
a leave usually taken every seventh year
of or relating to sabbatical leave; "sabbatical research project"
a good a time as any to pick up new knowledge
an extended period of time granted for professional development and spiritual renewal away from normal ministerial responsibilities and in a manner that is not possible during the busyness of a typical work year
a student who takes a year out of study to work full time for their Students' Union
a traditional learning vacation for upper level teachers
a vacation or a get away
Of or pertaining to the Sabbath; resembling the Sabbath; enjoying or bringing an intermission of labor.
a time-honoured way for an artist to take a step back from their art and consider it from a different perspective
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of or relating to the Sabbath; "Friday is a sabbatical day for Muslims"
a wonderful way to become immersed in creating and developing major program changes
a way to revitalize my connection to the world of recreation
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a great chance to focus on finding the right balance," she says
an investment that often carries with it some financial risk, as well as the practical difficulties of relocating your family
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a major investment, and board members are likely to extend such a benefit only to a head with whom they are very pleased
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a change or a break from the normal routine