Definitions for "Reconditioning"
when a product is cleaned and repaired to return it to a "like new" state.
Repair, refurbishment or other mandated work that needs to be taken into account to bring a vehicle up to resalable condition.
Making a product suitable for reuse, perhaps by cleaning and repairing it. Often applied to packaging materials, such as cartons or tanks.
The removal off-line of localized pathology ( e.g. scabs, inflamed scratches) and/or dressing defects ( e.g. feathers, crops, oesophagus, lungs, heart), which establishment employees were unable to remove on-line.
The deep discharge, constant current charge process used to correct any cell imbalance acquired during battery usage.
Discharging with low current (e.g. I100) and recharging with approx. 30% overcharge. The procedure can be repeated if required.
In classical conditioning, the presentation of further reinforced conditioning trials (i.e., those that include the unconditioned stimulus [US]) after a conditioned response (CR) has been extinguished.
The process of improving the condition of the hair.