Definitions for "WIP"
Work In Progress - i.e. IF that hasn't been finished yet. Often called WNIP (Work Not In Progress) when authors are having a bad day.
Work in Process. Parts and subassemblies in the process of becoming completed assembly components. These items, no longer part of the raw materials inventory and not yet part of the finished goods inventory, may constitute a large inventory by themselves and create extra expense for the firm.
abrv. "Work In Progress"
WIP is a Philadelphia radio station with an all-sports format. Located at 610 AM, the station adopted its current all-sports format in 1987, making it the second all-sports radio station in the United States. Its transmitters are located in the Cresent Park section of Bellmawr, New Jersey.
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Waste Implementation Programme - A DEFRA initiative (linked to WRAP) to deliver the requirements of the 2002 Government Strategy Unit report “Waste Not Want Not”.The WIP programme delivers a suite of projects to ensure that the UK achieves the required step-change in waste management practice
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see Women in Publishing.