Definitions for "Imbalance"
A displaced center of gravity from the center of the bowling ball. Any use of finger, thumb, top or bottom weight is considered an imbalance. Sometimes, this terminology is used to describe only those weights outside the legal ABC specifications.
A lack of balance due to uneven weight distribution. Improper wheel balance due to uneven weight distribution on the tire and wheel assembly is one of the most common causes of vibration. When one side of the tire and wheel assembly is heavier than the other, centrifugal forces try to throw the heavy area outwards as the wheel turns.
Any departure from equality. In the balance of payments, any surplus or deficit.
(Kulanalana) To be in a state of stress; disequilibrium.
a state of disequilibrium (as may occur in cases of inner ear disease)
A noticeable difference between the white and black armies. This may include material advantage, superior pawn structure, space, development, the initiative, or a superior minor piece.
Any difference between the White and Black positions. Material advantage, superior pawn structure, superior minor piece, space, development and the initiative are all typical imbalances.
a possible culprit in anxiety disorders because it is an inhibitory neurotransmitter
When a party receives or delivers a quantity of natural gas, then redelivers or uses a larger or smaller quantity of natural gas to another party.
The difference between the quantity of gas delivered to the system by a shipper and the quantity delivered to the shipper's customers
A condition in which the generation and demand or interchange schedules do not match.
A situation where there is a difference between the amount of power produced and the amount of electricity contracted or sold.