Definitions for "Disequilibrium"
Unsteady balance.
Inequality of supply and demand. A untenable state of an economic system, from which it may be expected to change.
In radioactivity logging for uranium. After a long period of disintegration, if the radioactive parent and its daughter isotopes remain undisturbed, equilibrium will be attained between the production and decay of the respective radioactive materials. Since U-238 does not emit gamma rays, the gamma-ray activity recorded is due to the quantity of daughter isotopes. When U-238 is in equilibrium with its daughter isotopes, the amount of daughter isotopes detected is an index to the amount of U-238 present. Disequilibrium results when anything has occurred to disturb the relative quantities of radioactive materials (selective leaching, escape of radon gas, etc.).
Term used to describe a condition which may result from rapid dialysis therapy. Some symptoms may be headache, cramps, nausea or vomiting.
Dizziness or lightheadedness.
Headaches and dizziness during dialysis. Disequilibrium can occur if dialysis removes a lot of fluid very quickly, or if blood pressure drops.
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A state of either surplus or shortage in a market.