Definitions for "Slip angle"
The difference in angles between the plane of the wheel and the rolling direction of the tire.
the flexibility of a tire causes the longitudinal centreline of any wheel to deviate from the path followed by the contact patch centerline, as soon as the steering wheel is turned from the straight-ahead position. The angle between the wheel centerline and the contact patch centerline is called the slip angle, and each wheel will normally run at a different angle, because its value depends on a number of factors. These include suspension geometry, tire construction, tire pressure and cornering speed. The difference between the average front and rear slip angles will determine whether a car oversteers or understeers.
The angular difference between the direction in which a tire is rolling and the plane of its wheel. Slip angle is caused by deflections in the tire's sidewall and tread during cornering. A linear relationship between slip angles and cornering forces indicates an easily controllable tire.
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Difference between the line along which a tyre points (in plan view) and the path it actually takes.