Definitions for "RBS"
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RBCS — Rural Business-Cooperative Service.
Rural Business-Cooperative Service. One of three USDA agencies charged with implementing rural development policies and programs. The RBS provides loans, guarantees, technical assistance, and grants to rural businesses and cooperatives. See Rural Housing Service and Rural Utilities Service
robbed- bit signalling.
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adio ase tation, with Ericsson (and thus with MMO...) common term for BTS.
Abbreviation for DBA co-author Richard Bodley Scott
Remote backup service. See ' Data vaulting'. _____________________________________________________________________________ Recognition In reference to biometric systems, can mean either verification or identification: Verification: 1:1 match. Comparison of the biometric feature(s) being collected with reference data in the database for the person concerned. Identification: 1:many match. Determination of a subject's identity by comparing the biometric feature(s) being collected to all those in the system's database. _____________________________________________________________________________
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Rubber, shredded tires.
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Royal Bank of Scotland
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RNA binding site
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Retirement Benefit Scheme
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