Definitions for "Promissory Note"
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Financial document in which the buyer agrees to make payment to the seller at a specified time.
A signed promise in writing to pay a specified sum at an expressed time on demand, or at sight to the holder of the note.
A legal document that you sign promising to repay a student loan. It lists the conditions under which you are borrowing and the terms under which you agree to pay back the loan.
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a fancy way of saying "I
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Paid up policy Prepayments
an instrument involving two parties in two capacities
a payment instrument governed by special rules
Two-party debt instrument that, in real estate, is generally secured by a mortgage or a deed of trust or some other interest in real estate.
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Draft issued by the buyer
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Property inventory Property rights
a document used to evidence a debt, often executed with a bill of sale if the entire purchase price is not paid at the time of the transaction
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bill, issued by a person other than a bank, where the amount is not shown as a pre-printed fixed value.